Hello, I am Niphaphone (Laura) Robertson

Business Coach, Trainer & Speaker


I climbed the corporate ladder as a woman and minority, overcoming the glass ceiling, the bamboo ceiling, and managed to reach a Six-Figure Income Corporate Career

This was quite an accomplishment, one that I never thought possible as I was born a refugee of the war torn country of Laos, homeless and living in extreme poverty, a malnourished toddler when I arrived in America with my family, unable to speak English. It was our chance for a better life, arriving with Forty-Dollars & A Dream!

In December 2019, I walked during the highlight of my corporate career, grossing over $200,000. I was a dedicated, hard worker and spent more time at work than home. At the end of the day, I realized that my health and time with family mattered more. I wanted to pursue a life on my terms while also making an impact. I decided to walk away and created my own company, Beautiful Potential, that would allow me to work on my terms doing ALL the things that I love and to be able to help others to reach their BEAUTIFUL POTENTIAL. 


I believe that each one of us was born with a purpose and we are right where we were meant to be. We all have greatness already inside of us and no matter what circumstance we were born into, we have the power to make a difference!

I help women and entrepreneurs build the

confidence to bring their vision to life! 


As an Independent Certified Coach, Trainer & Speaker with the John Maxwell Group, I help clients gain the skills and knowledge to help them tap into their unlimited potential, live with intention, and follow their purpose. Let’s turn your mess into your message and your test into your testimony!


I am on a mission to help women & entrepreneurs build the confidence to go after their dreams, make the money they deserve, and live a life of purpose!

Individual: We spend most of our time at work and in our business. It's so important that you are doing what you love and that you are happy. If you are looking for guidance and want to get clear on your business or career goals, book your complimentary one on one strategy session (typically $200/hour) 

Business: If you are an entrepreneur looking to expand or grow your business, I provide business consulting. I will work closely with you to learn more about what areas are in need of attention and help strategize a growth plan. 

Sales and marketing is the foundation of any business growth. As an entrepreneur, business owner, or professional, it is so essential that you are an expert in the areas of sales and marketing. We offer four different coaching packages to help you elevate your skills to grow your business. 

Branding & Web  Creation

If you would prefer to focus on your business, we can do the designing and creation for you! We will work closely with you to become familiar with your brand identity and create your content to attract your ideal audience. 

  • Our online school has courses in beauty, branding and business. It is designed for you to learn at your own pace with our easy to follow, step by step guide.


  • If you are an individual or entrepreneur wanting to find innovative ways to grow your business, I offer business consulting.

  • I am a passionate, self taught content creator! I absolutely helping entrepreneurs bring their vision to life. If you need content for your business, call me and we can go over what your needs are and I can give you a quote. 

75 Market Street, Suite 21, Elgin, Illinois 60123 I United States

Tel: 1 (312)834-4822 or 1 (877)630-2328 I Email: Laura@beautifulpotential.com