Meet Laura Robertson

25+ Years of Professional Experience.

Laura Robertson is the owner of Beautiful Potential Consulting LLC and iLocal Online Marketing LLC. Laura Robertson is an Independent Coach, Trainer & Speaker with the John Maxwell Group and the author of "Forty Dollars & A Dream"


In her book, Laura shares her family's escape story from the communist invasion of their homeland, Laos. After living homeless in a refugee camp in Thailand Laura arrived in America as a malnourished child, unable to speak English. Laura overcame many obstacles including poverty mindset, racism, teenage run-away, single-parenthood, a failed marriage, identity crisis, and more.


Laura found ways to take charge of her life which lead her to become a successful business leader earning multiple six-figure income status. Laura shares inspirational stories and teaches the skills to overcome adversities and have a positive mindset. She is passionate about helping individuals overcome self-doubt and unleashing their full potential so they can live out the life they were meant for!  

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"A negative mindset will hold a person hostage and make them believe there is no other choice.

Changing your mindset...changes your life."

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I had passion for a business but felt lost where to start. Laura and the team at Beautiful Potential are amazing!!! They helped me get clear about my vision, did a make over and photo shoot for advertising that boosted my confidence and helped me put together a plan for success. With Laura as my business coach and the team at Beautiful Potential helping me feel confident...I feel like I can Conquer the word!!

Danielle Brown, CEO My Smile Insured