Laura "Niphaphone" Robertson is the owner of Beautiful Potential Consulting, Inspirational Speaker, Coach, & Trainer. Laura and her family came to America with literally "Forty Dollars and a Dream". And that's what she named her inspirational book, published in 2021. 


Laura "Niphaphone Sanavongsay", was born homeless, outside the refugee camp of Thailand after her father's deadly escape from the hands of the communist invasion in Laos. After spending nearly two years in the refugee shelters, Laura arrived as a malnourished child, unable to speak English. Growing up as a Lao-American refugee child in America, Laura faced racial bullying and an identity crisis. Laura was often bullied and taunted for her Asian descent. The pressure of her teenage years and her identity crisis led her to become a destructive teenage runaway. Laura later found herself in a toxic marriage, to a single mother on welfare living paycheck to paycheck. Laura's determination, tenacity, and grit that she inherited from her father, finally lead her to overcome the adversities and become a successful six-figure career woman, author, and speaker. Laura shares her journey in her book "Forty Dollars and a Dream" on Amazon. 

As a Certified Speaker, Coach, Trainer, and Youth Facilitator, Laura can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, guiding you through your personal and professional growth. By working with Laura, you and your team or organization will be moved in the desired direction to reach your goals. 

Book Laura now to assist you on the journey of personal and professional growth. Her personal testimonial and success story will have you and your audience moved to dream bigger and live the life you were meant for - regardless of your current situation or the circumstances that you were born into.