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Niphaphone Laura Robertson, formerly known as "Niphaphone Sanavongsay," is the owner of Beautiful Potential Consulting and iLocal Online Marketing. Laura is an inspiring speaker, coach, and author.


Laura believes that it was because of the kind hearts of strangers, she is able to live the life she is gifted with now. She makes every effort to pay it forward. As a philanthropist, Laura champions many causes that affect refugees, immigrants, women, and low-income communities. Laura currently works with Hanul Family Alliance, she serves as the VP on the board for BridgingHearts, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization fighting for foster youths to have a safe place after emancipation, and the Chief Executive Officer for Her Story Matters, a non-profit women's advocate based in London. 


Her journey to success is a remarkable one, as she and her family arrived in America with nothing but "Forty Dollars and a Dream," the title of her recently published inspirational book.

Niphaphone's story began at the Thailand refugee camps, where she was born homeless after her father narrowly escaped the communist invasion in Laos. Laura spent almost two years in the refugee camp, and when she arrived in America, she was a malnourished child who could not speak English.

Growing up as a Lao-American refugee child, Laura had to endure racial bullying and identity issues because of her Asian descent. Being subjected to this kind of pressure led her to become a destructive runaway during her teenage years. Later, Laura found herself in a toxic marriage, a single mother living paycheck to paycheck on welfare.

Through all of the adversities, Laura inherited determination, tenacity, and grit. With these qualities, she was able to overcome the challenges and become a successful multiple six-figure career woman, speaker, and author. Her inspirational book, "Forty Dollars and a Dream," is available on Amazon, telling the story of her journey.


Laura is an independent Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Youth Facilitator through the John Maxwell Group. She is equipped with the resources to offer workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching to people who are committed to personal and professional growth. By working with Laura, you and your team or organization will receive guidance and direction to move toward achieving your goals.


If you want to make significant progress in your personal and professional growth, book Laura now. Her personal testimonial and success story will move you and your audience to dream bigger and live the life you deserve, regardless of your current situation or background.

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