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Elgin Gail Borden Library Exhibit: "Open Book: Everyone has a Story

Forty Dollars and a Dream

Breaking Through The Bamboo Ceiling

by Niphaphone Laura Robertson


In this book, the author shares how she discovered her reason to come to America. She shares stories of her childhood and of her family members, some killed during the Communist Rule in the '70s. The author's father, a prisoner did a daring escape and took his family to a refugee camp in order to survive the war that was devastating the country of Lao. The author courageously shares her experience, reading the newspaper clippings and stories written about her, her family, and her friends. In this book filled with the history of their journey into a new life, she shares the kindness of strangers and how without them, their lives may have ended. A definite must-read! Powerful, riveting, and truly engaging.

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