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As an independent certified member of The John Maxwell Team, Laura brings valuable leadership tools and resources developed by corporate leadership expert, John Maxwell. In addition, Laura brings a wealth of knowledge from her personal experience, and skills that helped her rise up the corporate ladder. 

In addition to the coaching programs listed below, through her beauty and branding company, Beautiful Potential Consulting, Laura helps women build and grow their brand image so they can show up with confidence and make an impact doing what they love! 

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Below are some topics and programs from John Maxwell that will help your organization show up for success! 

  • The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

  • Developing the Leader Within You 

  • The Five Levels of Leadership

  • 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

  • How to be a REAL Success

  • Put Your Dreams to the Test

  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

  • Becoming a Person of Influence 

  • And Many More! 


Laura is an independent Certified Youth Facilitator through John Maxwell Group and has access to world-class training that she can bring to your classrooms. Laura can be booked for: 

  • Schools and Educational Institutions

  • Half-Day or Full-Day Workshops

  • Lunch and Learns 

  • For Speaking Engagements click here


  • Leading from the Lockers

This course will help youth understand how they can be leaders now. This will challenge them to develop the habits, practices, and mindset of a transformational leader. Students will not only learn but also be challenged and held accountable for applying what they learn.

  • 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader

This course teaches teens how to build character traits. They will learn to take responsibility for themselves and their actions, express themselves, and handle problems and decisions when they arise. Teens will learn the 21 qualities for themselves as well as learn how to facilitate group studies, peer coaching partnerships, and workshops with this content. 

  • Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn for Teens

Another resource by John Maxwell written just for youth, Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn, facilitated through Masterminds or Lunch & Learn to help their peers learn healthy, responsible ways to deal with failure.

  • iLead – New Youth Program Created by John Maxwell

Youth will have access to John Maxwell's new youth program that they can use to facilitate free small group sessions with their peers. This program has been a big success with youth groups around the world.

  • Maxwell D.I.S.C. Profile Assessment for Youth

Every young person has a unique style of learning and growing that is impacted by their personality. The Maxwell DISC assessment will help youth identify their specific personality and learn ways to maximize their natural strengths to add value to others.

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Laura provides business coaching online, in person, and virtually!
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