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  • Empowerment

  • Inspirational

  • Personal Branding

  • Self - Love

  • Refugee Journey

  • Career & Business

  • confidence

  • Success Mindset

  • Overcoming Adversity

  • DISC Training & More!


  • Corporate Event Keynote Speeches

  • Church Congregations 

  • Schools and Educational Institutions

  • Half-Day or Full-Day Workshops

  • Seminars and Classes 

  • Briefings and Presentations

  • Employee Lunch and Learns

  • Networking Events 

  • Youth and Young Adult Events


Other media platforms where you can find Laura... 

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The Lao Redemption Movie: NOW ON VIMEO 

The Lao Redemption Movie is a fictional movie that tells a heart rendering story of why Laura along with thousands of other Lao Refugee ended up in America. Laura was honored to help with part of the movie project. She wants the world to be educated on their journey. 

Other media platforms where you can find Laura... 

Women In Leadership: An Expert Panelist Discussion

An expert panelist Discussion on the future of leadership and its impact on Women Leaders. Empowering women in Business and leadership is something we are very passionate about. On 23rd Sept at 2PM UK time, we will be running our first panel discussion with amazing expert guests @Ona miller, @Laura Robertson and @Queen chiom

Other media platforms where you can find Laura... 

Her Story Matters July 1st Episode
Refugee: Dispelling the Refugee Narrative

Sharing our stories paves the way for challenging the perception and understanding of others in society. Where biases exist our stories help others to acknowledge this in the process helping to dispel misconceptions.

Other media platforms where you can find Laura... 

Ten Media TV  Laura Robertson

Welcome to the Empowr Hour Live with the Bad Boys of the late night! With our special guest Laura Robertson, Author & Success Coach. Laura shares her experience with racism growing up as a Refugee in America.  

Other media platforms where you can find Laura... 

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Blasian Soul Podcast: Hosted by Marcello & Laura Robertson

The Robertsons share their unique views on current events as it relates to the Black and Asian communities, relationships, his & her views, health & wealth, and more! 

Other media platforms where you can find Laura... 


Executive Accomplice: Laura Robertson: Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author. Stories of a refugee turned powerhouse.

Laura Robertson is a refugee from Laos who turned her extraordinarily humble beginnings into not only success in business and finding her passions for her...but is now a developed coach and teacher in helping her clients find their niche and launch their own dreams themselves!

Other media platforms where you can find Laura... 

Episode 46 – Extreme Poverty to Motivational Speaker with Laura Robertson

In this episode, we welcome Laura Robertson, whose family came to the USA as refugees from Laos when she was a young child. Laura talks about her refugee journey to where she is today as a successful career woman.

Other media platforms where you can find Laura... 

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Great Chat With Laura Robertson, A serial Entrepreneur and Super positive fun person to chat with. Listen To her Amazing story and find out about her multiple businesses she is building. This Lady Is the Definition of the American Dream. Prepare to be inspired.

Other media platforms where you can find Laura... 


Laotian-American author Niphaphone "Laura" Robertson writes about her family's journey as refugees to America and growing up in Elgin. She talks about her struggles to trying to fit in as an Asian American and the racism she endured in her book "Forty Dollars and a Dream."

She believed she COULD, 
So she DID and now,

She is determined to help others to do the SAME!

Laura has a passionate commitment to sharing the journey of her personal experiences that will motivate you to live out your full potential! 

If you're looking for a motivational speaker who has an in-depth understanding of how to achieve success, then Niphaphone Laura Robertson is the one for you. Her knowledge and wisdom will captivate your audience, leaving them feeling motivated, inspired, and ready to create a change in their lives.

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